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A Thousand Different

Ways to Birth,

and a doula can help with

every one.

There's a misconception that doulas are only for people who hope for an unmedicated birth.  The truth is, anyone can benefit from the support of a doula.  No matter what kind of birth you are planning, I can help you make the most of your experience with physical, emotional, and educational support.  I can help you explore all your options to make the choices that are best for you and your baby at every point along the way.  I can also help you get settled into your new life after your baby is born.  Here are some of the kinds of birth I support:

Low Intervention Birth

High Intervention Birth

Birth with an Epidural

Unmedicated Birth

Planned Cesarean Birth

Unplanned Cesarean Birth

Plus Size Mother

Birth After a Loss

Birth with Anticipated NICU Stay



Fatal Diagnosis


Birth after 35


Gestational Diabetes

Birth with a Doctor

Birth with a Midwife

And More!

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