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The gift of henna

Celebrating with an ancient traditional art

Henna is a temporary body art using a paste made from the leaves of the henna plant. Several years ago, I began offering belly henna to my doula clients.  Since then, my work as a henna artist has expanded, and I now offer henna services beyond those included in my doula packages.

I make my own henna paste using all natural (usually organic) ingredients, that include henna powder, sugar, water, essential oils, and sometimes lemon juice. I can make custom blends suited to my clients' needs and sensitivities.



Henna adds lots of fun and interest to a party or a girls' night!

Rates start at $80 for 2 hours (up to 6 adult guests or 8 children)

Contact me to set something up!



I will post park and coffee shop hours on my henna Instagram account, or you can book a front porch session at my home. Rates start at $20 for a 15-minute mini-session. Check

@thegiftofhenna on Instagram for upcoming public dates, or contact me for a private appointment.

Henna Basics

In the cultures where henna is used traditionally, it is primarily used for celebration, to adorn the body for special occasions such as weddings and holidays. It doesn't have to be for a special occasion, can be a very uplifting way to care for yourself on any day of the year.

Henna (also known in some regions as "mehndi") does not belong to one region, religion, or nation.  Instead, it has been shared across many cultures and peoples. The areas with the oldest henna traditions reach from North Africa and the areas touching the Mediterranean Sea, through the Middle East, and across to South Asia. I strive as I practice this art to do so with respect and to honor the roots and history of this beautiful art form.

Natural henna takes hours to leave a stain and the stain is always some shade of brown. It's never black. Henna stains all skin tones. The initial stain is bright orange, and it darkens over about two days. If you want henna for a special occasion, you should plan your session for two days before the event.

Bridal Henna?

I am still learning my craft.  At this time, I don't feel qualified to do elaborate bridal henna. If you would like something simple for your special day, I would be happy to talk with you!