Hi, I'm

Laura Weldon

Certified Birth Doula (CBI)

I have been teaching childbirth classes since 2012 and I've been certified as a doula since 2015.  I have assisted with 22 home and hospital births, and I have learned from every one.  I have supported with unmedicated birth, epidural, induction, cesarean, VBAC, and pregnancy loss. I've worked with first and second time parents as well as families welcoming their sixth or seventh child.

I believe that expectant parents have more power than they often know. I trust you to know what you need.


I'm here to facilitate, to help you find the information and skills that you need. Whether you're planning a home birth with a midwife or a hospital birth with an OBGYN, I would be honored to be part of your team.


"I cannot thank Laura enough for her doula services, they helped tremendously as I prepared for and experienced labor. I would recommend her to every pregnant woman, no matter their birth preferences. Laura is incredibly smart and knowledgeable about labor and delivery. She made sure my husband and I knew about all of our options in preparing for the birth of our daughter so we could make informed choices. She was vital during labor and delivery and I am forever grateful to her. If you are thinking about hiring a doula, hire her! You will be so grateful you did!"

T. Walker

"I absolutely achieved the natural unmedicated birth I wanted of my 9 lb baby with hardly a scratch and I could not have done it without Laura! Even before labor even started, during my pregnancy just knowing that I had a resource and a friend to help me anytime I needed it was a huge peace of mind to me. When the time for labor finally came, Laura helped me navigate the difficult process of knowing when I wanted to go to the hospital, what to do when given the choice of discharge from triage the first night, and then the next morning when would be appropriate to head back to the hospital and try again. For each contraction she never left my side, and gave me helpful tips and positions to try to assist with advancing my labor and ease pain naturally. She helped me find my voice with stating my birth wishes with medical staff, and even got my husband a lot more involved with the birth this time. After the birth she volunteered to grab my husband and I a hot meal, and stayed around for as long as we needed. She went above and beyond at every level. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Laura! I would 100% recommend hiring her, no matter what your birth goals are!"

M. Willbanks