In Person Support

  • Available for clients in and near East Central Alabama

  • Free Online Consultation

  • Online Prenatal 1: Getting to know you and establishing what's most important to you

  • Online Prenatal 2: Preparing the partner to provide comfort during labor

  • Online Prenatal 3: Advocacy and Keeping Your Power®

  • Unlimited Phone/Text/Video chats from 9am-5pm daily

  • Packet of Printable Guides

  • Online Digital Resource Packet

  • In Person Support at your home and/or birthplace for labor and birth.

  • Online Postpartum Visit: Debrief your birth, ask questions about your postpartum healing, breastfeeding, and your baby.

  • Phone/Text/Video chat access for 3 months after your birth

  • $200 due at contract signing, $750 due at 36 weeks. ($950 total fee)

What if my hospital policy changes, and doulas are no longer allowed?

If your hospital policy changes after your contract is signed, you can reduce your final payment and switch to virtual support.  Because policies and recommendations are changing so quickly, our prenatal preparation will be designed to help get you ready for whatever situation you meet with at the time your baby is born.

Are you certified?  My hospital allows doulas, but only if they can show their certification.

Yes, I am certified through Childbirth International, and I am prepared to bring a copy of my certificate with me to your birth.