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Virtual Support

  • Available anywhere in the USA

  • Free Online Initial Consultation

  • FREE Access to the All-Online, Self-Paced Birth Village Class

  • $150 Credit for those who take the In-Person Birth Village Class

  • Online/In Person Meeting 1: Getting to know you and establishing what's most important to you, Learning skills for birth support

  • Online/In Person Meeting 2: Advocacy and Keeping Your Power®, Support Skills for Birth Partners

  • Additional Meetings as needed.

  • Unlimited Phone/Text/Video chats from 9am-5pm daily

  • Packet of Printable Guides

  • Online Digital Resource Packet

  • Unlimited Phone/Text/Video chat support 24-7 during labor and birth

  • Online/In Person Postpartum Visit: Debrief your birth, ask questions about your postpartum healing, breastfeeding, and your baby.

  • Phone/Text/Video chat access for 3 months after your birth

  • $200 due at contract signing, $500 due at 36 weeks. ($700 total fee)

  • Returning clients will pay $400 at 36 weeks, for a $600 total fee.

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