Virtual Support

  • Available anywhere in the USA

  • Free Online Initial Consultation

  • NEW! Now INCLUDES the Birth Village Class.*

  • Online/In Person Meeting 1: Getting to know you and establishing what's most important to you, Learning skills for birth support

  • Online/In Person Meeting 2: Advocacy and Keeping Your Power®, Support Skills for Birth Partners

  • Additional Meetings as needed.

  • Unlimited Phone/Text/Video chats from 9am-5pm daily

  • Packet of Printable Guides

  • Online Digital Resource Packet

  • Unlimited Phone/Text/Video chat support 24-7 during labor and birth

  • Online/In Person Postpartum Visit: Debrief your birth, ask questions about your postpartum healing, breastfeeding, and your baby.

  • Phone/Text/Video chat access for 3 months after your birth

  • $200 due at contract signing, $500 due at 36 weeks. ($700 total fee)

  • *Returning clients who have previously taken the Birth Village Class will pay $400 at 36 weeks, for a $600 total fee and will have access to an all-online version of the Birth Village Class.

What if my hospital's policy changes to allow doulas?

If your hospital changes to allow doulas after your contract is signed, you have the option to increase your final payment to the "in-person support" level, and I will accompany you in labor.  You can also stick with virtual services if that's what you prefer!