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Postpartum Belly Wrapping

Strength in Support


New mothers need SO much support.  They must adapt to a new life as a mother at the same time that their body has undergone tremendous physical change. Womb wrapping is a loving gift they can give to themselves. 


The traditional bengkung postpartum belly wrap comes from the Malaysian culture.  It's practiced as part of a postpartum confinement tradition that is very different from how we typically do things in the West. I am trained in a technique that is based on the bengkung tradition, but I don't in any way claim to offer the complete richness of that tradition.   


The belly wrap practiced on its own has many benefits:

  • encourages the return of the uterus to its pre-pregnancy shape and size

  • offers comforting compression for the belly that feels like "everything is falling out" after baby is born

  • encourages organs back into their normal positions

  • takes advantage of relaxin hormone from pregnancy to encourage pelvic bones and ribs back to their original positions

  • supports the abdominal muscles as they heal, helping to close any gaps that may have formed during pregnancy

  • offers comfort during postpartum cramping

  • supports good posture, which sometimes suffers in the early days of baby care and breastfeeding

  • physically manifests the "closure" of the pregnancy

  • offers an interesting "cover" to the abdomen when shirt is lifted to breastfeed

The optimum time for postpartum wrapping begins as soon as mom is home from her birth place (if she has had a vaginal birth ) or 4-6 weeks postpartum (if she has had a cesarean birth). The wrap can be worn for 10-16 hours a day, and while it is traditional to continue for 44 days, the maximum benefits are achieved with about 2 weeks of wrapping.

Belly wrapping can also be comforting to mothers who have experienced a pregnancy loss.  For these clients, I offer my services at the cost of materials. 

Belly wrapping of any kind is not appropriate for those with any degree of pelvic organ prolapse, and should be postponed if Mom has had a broken rib or tailbone during her birthing time.  If she has pubic symphysis separation or rupture, she should be wrapped only with the approval of her physical therapist.

In one session, I will perform your first wrap and teach you how to self-wrap (or teach your partner or another support person how to wrap).  Included is one natural muslin womb wrap (machine washable), one muslin cloth to wear next to the skin, and a postpartum belly balm made with natural ingredients to support healing.

The best time to book a belly binding session is before your birth. When you are newly postpartum with a newborn to care for, it's easier to have things all ready arranged.

$75 for my doula clients

$100 a la carte

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